Student Advisory Committee 2015 

(L-R) Sophomores: Jarrett Feltis, Ashley Robinson, Jessica Thompson
Logan Salomon, Kaitlyn Goodman, Annie McLean 
Not pictured: Ariana Wolf, Emily Lawson, Michaela Cushman 
The Student Advisory Committee is a group of students who represent their student-based health center, The SHACC. These students volunteer hours of their time to participate in several activities and influence their peers to make healthy living choices.  They attend Health Fairs, give presentations to local elementary schools and the High/Middle School student body. They also work in effort to help collect statistics for the Child and Adolescent Health Center (CAHC) and Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH).

2015 2015


The Student Advisory Committee presenting to the 8th graders about High School


  The group of students who participated in the 6th grade Health Fair in December 14'