Are you interested in serving as a VOLUNTEER in case of a public health emergency or disaster in our area? 

Join The Michigan Volunteer Registry

The Michigan Volunteer Registry is a central location for anyone who wishes to volunteer during a public health emergency in Michigan.  Whether you have a medical, emergency response, or clerical background, or just a general interest, any adult who wants to help during a disaster can volunteer.  If you register, you may be contacted to participate in exercises as part of our preparedness activities. As always, your participation will be entirely voluntary, but completely appreciated!
If you are already a Registered Michigan Volunteer, please make sure to update your information at least once per year!


If you are called and unable to respond because of job obligations or other reasons, you will be under no obligation to do so at the time of the exercise, event, or emergency.

 Sign up to help your community at:
United Way of the Eastern Upper Peninsula
Raulaniesa Aranda
Volunteer Coordinator
United Way of the Eastern Upper Peninsula
Phone: 632-3700 ext. 3
 American Red Cross, Superior Upper Peninsula Chapter

Edward M. Anderson | Disaster Program Manager

American Red Cross

Northern Michigan Chapter

104 Coles Drive Suite E

Marquette, Michigan 49855

(906) 228-3659 ext. 7302 (p) | (906) 235-4697 (c)