• Dangers of Binge Drinking & Underage Drinking


    What is alcohol poisoning?

    Alcohol poisoning is a severe elevation of the blood alcohol concentration which may lead to coma and death, often resulting from the consumption of large amounts of alcohol.
    You are at risk of alcohol poisoning if:
    • You are a 160 lb male and have consumed MORE than 11 drinks in an hour
    • You are a 120 lb female and have consumed MORE than 7 drinks in an hour
    • A blood alcohol content (BAC) above 0.30% is potentially lethal to anyone because the body can’t manage such excessive amounts of alcohol


    Signs of alcohol poisoning:

    • Does not respond to being talked to or shouted at
    • Does not respond to being pinched, prodded, or poked
    • Cannot stand up or remain standing unless aided by others
    • Vomits while sleeping or passed out and does not wake up after vomiting
    • Has slow breathing: fewer than six breathes per minute
    • Has bluish or purplish skin or skin that is flushed
    • Has clammy skin or skin that is cool to the touch
    • Has an irregular pulse or a pulse slower than 40 beats per minute


    What to do if someone you know shows signs of alcohol poisoning:

    •    Call 911
    •    Place him/her on their side to reduce risk of choking on vomit
    •    Wait with him/her until help arrives


    Sobering Up


    •    Drink black coffee
    •    Take a cold bath/shower
    •    Sleep it off
    •    Walk it off
    •    Vomit


    • None of these myths work
    • All of them WASTE precious time
    • Each increases the risk of death
    • It takes the body 2 hours to process the alcohol contained in one drink


    Everyone has a different tolerance to alcohol. What is safe for one person may be lethal for another. Some people have died after drinking the same alcohol as their friends
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    Rescue Position