• Early Prenatal Class I - Caring for Yourself - A Healthy Pregnancy


    During this class you will learn all about changes in your body during pregnancy, the delivery process, including information regarding pre-term labor, and the postpartum period.

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    Early Prenatal Class II - Caring for your Newborn


    During this class you will learn all about csafe sleep, bathing/diapering safety and age appropriate play.

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    Breastfeeding Success


    You will learn techniques for a successful start to breastfeeding in the hospital and the first few weeks.

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    Breastfeeding 2 - Pumping


    Learn the basics of pumping, keeping up milk supply all while returning to work or school. 

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    Lamaze Prepared Childbirth Education Classes


    Offers 4 weekly classes preparing the participants(s) for labor and delivery, as well as their role as a parent. Breathing and relaxation techniques are practiced, in addition to the sharing of information on coping techniques for labor, medication, caesarean birth, and hospital procedures.

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    Mom to Mom


    This class is a coffective evidence based educational class with mom-to-mom discussion. This class is held the first Thursday of each month from 12:00pm - 12:30pm. 

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    The dates and times of the Early Prenatal, Baby Care, Lamaze, Breastfeeding Success and Pump Classes can be found by clicking:

    Class Schedule 2018/2019