• Tobacco Free Parks & Beaches

  • Tobacco-Free parks are healthier parks

    Exposure to second hand smoke is harmful, even in outdoor spaces. Research has found that exposure to secondhand smoke outdoors can be as high as indoors when near someone smoking. Secondhand smoke is a carcinogen that leads to many serious illnesses including asthma, respiratory infections, cardiovascular disease and cancer – there is NO safe level of exposure.

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  • Tobacco-Free parks are cleaner parks.

    With an estimated several trillion littered annually, Cigarette butts are the #1 source of liter in the world. Cigarettes butts are NOT biodegradable. They contain plastic fibers that can take many years to break down. Additionally the butts contain toxic chemicals that seep into the environment and pose and additional risk to animals and young children who may ingest them.

    Is your local park or beach littered with cigarette butts? Organize a beach or park clean-up and work towards creating a healthier and clearer public space for everyone to enjoy. Here’s how to get started!

    Tobacco-Free parks help lead to tobacco-free communities.

    Youth mimic the behaviors they see in their parents, older siblings, and other adults. When youth at parks or beaches see adults smoking or using tobacco it reinforces that as a normal behavior in adults – which it’s not – over 80% of Chippewa County adults do NOT use tobacco. Critical in addressing youth tobacco use it to create an environment where tobacco use is not considered the norm in adult society. Tobacco-free parks and beaches provide family-friendly places where youth are not exposed to tobacco use. Nearly 90% of adult smokers began smoking before 18. Smoke-free youths grow up to be smoke-free adults!


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