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Environmental Health Sanitarian

Job Type

Full Time - Seasonal

Job Summary

Under the supervision of the Environmental Health Supervisor, performs bathing beach sanitary surveys and collects surface water samples from Great Lakes beaches; operates a computer to enter data into data bases for the bathing beach program; inspects and diagrams licensed campgrounds; collects drinking water samples; conducts final inspections of new septic system installations; assists with on-site septic system site evaluations and typing up septic system permits; inspects licensed campgrounds. Assists in investigation and enforcement of compliance with environmental laws and regulations in the areas of basic sanitation and environmental contamination. May present or assist in the presentation of environmental health education programs.

This individual must be able to maintain effective working relationships with supervisors and coworkers in all areas of the Health Department, as well as with the general public. Must be able to work with sensitive information and maintain confidentiality

Essential Job Functions

1. Prepares beach sampling equipment, including cleaning and sanitizing coolers and ice packs, obtains sampling bottles, prepares chain of custody forms and beach sanitary survey forms.
2. Works with Lake Superior State University (LSSU) for setting dates, times, and locations for delivery of beach samples to the Superior Analytics lab at LSSU.
3. Performs weekly beach sanitary surveys and beach sample collections.
4. Properly completes chain of custody forms and beach sanitary survey forms.
5. Using the Beach Guard computer program, opens beaches for the season, enters beach sample results, inputs beach closures and advisories, lifts beach closures and advisories.
6. Works with proper authorities to correct any immediate hazards identified at beaches.
7. Drafts and issues public information release if needed (contamination
advisories, closures, swimmers itch, etc.)
8. Receives telephone calls or questions from the general public and provides them with requested information concerning the bathing beach program or other environmental health programs, or transfers them to the appropriate person or agency. Mails materials to people requesting information.
9. Assists with conducting and documenting on-site evaluations for septic system and well permits, and types up septic system permits and site diagrams.
10. Conducts on-site final inspections of newly installed septic systems to determine conformance with permit requirements, and types up final inspections and site diagrams.
11. Conducts inspections at licensed campgrounds; diagrams the campgrounds with details of campsite locations, water outlets, privies, bathhouses, and other amenities.
12. Attends training, meetings, and maintains certifications as required.
13. Presents or assists in the presentation of environmental health education programs to community groups, schools, special interest groups, and at public meetings.

Job Requirements

Education: Two years of college level coursework in Environmental Health or a closely related field of science.
Experience: Prefer some experience related to Environmental Health. GIS experience a plus.
Other Requirements: Possession of a valid Michigan driver’s license.
Possession of a reliable, registered, and insured vehicle.

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