Environmental Health is required by Michigan Department of Agriculture to meet program indicators called MPR’s (Minimum Program Requirements). These requirements include conducting a minimum number of inspections for establishments and the investigation of general food complaints and suspected foodborne related complaints.

Establishments that sell or serve food to the public must get an annual license and be audited by Chippewa County’s Environmental Health Division. This includes restaurants, bars, schools, mobile food carts, coffee places, vending machines, and even temporary events where food is served.

Establishments not included are food processing plants, grocery stores, convenience/party stores, produce markets, or butcher shops. These types of establishments are licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

The purpose of the food safety audits is to guarantee that the food is being handled properly from preparation through serving. Food safety auditors observe workers" food handling practices in the kitchen, assure equipment is working properly, take food temperatures, inspect refrigerators and storage areas, assure water temperatures, and correct the level and use of sanitizers. Any problems are written up, and the manager corrects the procedure or method. As of Effective October 1, 2012 all food service establishments must meet the regulations of the 2009 Michigan Modified Food Code.