If you provide food to the public in any form, contact the Chippewa County Health Department's Environmental Health Division.  It is likely you will need a temporary food license issued by this department.  This applies to Non Profit Organizations and For Profit businesses.  This is needed whether you are free of charge or charging a fee.



Click here for Temporary Food License Application

Please mail completed and signed application with applicable fee to the Chippewa County Health Department.


Click here for Guidance for Safely Operating a
Temporary Food Establishment


Click here for the Volunteer Health Sign In Sheet


Click here for the Temporary Food Establishment Supply List


Click here for the Temporary Food Establishments Key Points


Click here for the Temporary Food Establishment Sample Layout


Click here for Approved Handwashing Poster





Fees for Temporary Food Establishments:


Non Profit (Tax Exempt):  $76

For Profit Low Hazard Foods:  $86

For Profit Potentially Hazardous Foods:  $165

Low Risk Temporary Food Establishment:  Contact our office to see if you qualify.


If the application is received less than 2 weeks prior to your event, you may be subject to late fees.