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About us

About Us

The Chippewa County Health Department (CCHD) is the nationally-accredited public health service agency for Chippewa County, located in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula.


CCHD works to protect, and improves the health of everyone either working, living, or visiting Chippewa County. CCHD provides a wide range of services to the community ranging from; restaurant food inspection, to WIC, to home health services. We also provide services to students at Sault Middle, and Sault High Schools, at our school health based center.




Our Mission


To contribute to the present and future health of persons residing, visiting or working in our service areas by direct provision of services; by facilitating the delivery of services provided by others; and by monitoring and regulating activities that may have an impact on the health of these communities.



Our Objectives
  1. Facilitate an environment in which people can increase control over their lives.

  2. Educate residents so that they may make informed decisions to maintain or improve health through their own initiatives.

  3. Promote optimum health through illness prevention, early detection, treatment, rehabilitation, maintenance and restoration.

  4. Maintain and create environmental conditions conducive to health.

  5. Prevent disease for persons at risk or potentially at risk.

  6. Provide appropriate services in response to demonstrated community and/or client needs.

Additional Information

Organizational Chart

Community Health Needs Assessment

Michigan Department of Treasury 5572

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