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Preparing Your Home and Family gives useful information that can help you and your family do three things:


1. Identify the most common risks in your area


2. Develop a family emergency plan


3. Build a emergency kit


If you are unsure where to start, think of our most common scenario here in Chippewa County: If we get several feet of snow and the power is our for three days what will your family do? Please visit this web sight and better prepare your household for emergencies that are likely to occur here in Michigan. Accomplishing just one of these three things above will greatly improve your families self sufficiency and reduce your dependency on others for help

Although planning takes place at the Chippewa County Health Department, preparedness must also take place in the household. Our ability to respond to and recover from an emergency will directly relate to the resourcefulness and preparedness of our individuals and families. is a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sponsored campaign that is designed to educate families and help empower them to prepare for natural and man-made disasters.


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