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Guiding Good Choices

What is Guiding Good Choices?

GGC is a program for parents of youth ages 9-14, offered in five 2-hour workshops over five consecutive weeks. Offered virtually, an Introduction session is added to orient parents to the on-line environment and tools for participating from home.

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In clinical studies,* the Guiding Good Choices program has been shown to:
> Reduce alcohol and marijuana use by 40.6%
> Reduce progression to more serious substance abuse by 54%
> Increase the likelihood that non-users will remain drug-free by 26%
> Reduce depression symptoms by 28% through end of 12th grade

CCHD Prevention

Introductory Session for Virtual Workshops
Parents meet each other, learn about the structure and promise of Guiding Good Choices, talk about wishes for their children, and learn how to interact in the online environment.
Getting Started: How to Promote Health and Well-being During the Teen Years
Parents learn about the Social Development Strategy, a framework for promoting well-being and preventing behavioral problems in teenagers (including but not limited to drug use), and decide for themselves how they want to prevent problems in their own families.
Setting Guidelines: How to Develop Healthy Beliefs and Clear Standards
Parents develop clear family guidelines and expectations for behavior.
Managing Conflict: How to Deal with Anger in a Positive Way
Parents learn to manage family conflict in a way that maintains and strengthens bonds with their children.
Avoiding Trouble: How to Say No, Keep Your friends, and Still Have Fun
Children and parents are invited to this session. They learn skills children can use for staying out of trouble and keeping their friends, while still having fun.
Involving Everyone! How to Strengthen Family Bonds
Parents learn ways to strengthen family bonds and increase children’s involvement in their family in their teen years. Parents also learn how to create a parent support network.


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