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Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program

What Services Are Available Through the Program?

Screening Services

Through these local public health programs, women aged 21-64 can receive screening services, such as:

  • Pap smears (ages 21-64)

  • Screening mammograms (ages 40-64)

  • MRIs - based on client personal and family risk

Diagnostic Services

If a breast and/or cervical abnormality is identified from the screening test/exam, the woman will be referred to community providers for follow-up. Over 75 diagnostic services are provided free of cost through the BC3NP. Some of these include:

  • Diagnostic mammograms

  • Ultrasounds

  • MRIs

  • Breast biopsy

  • Colposcopy services

  • Colposcopy-directed biopsy services

  • Medical consultations

Family Planning women enrolled in the BC3NP are eligible to receive cervical screening and diagnostic services.

Who Is Eligible


The following information MUST be determined PRIOR to enrolling women in BC3NP:


      Income:  <250% Federal Poverty Level (FPL)


  • 21-64 and requiring cervical screening/diagnostic/treatment services

  • 40-64 and requiring breast screening/diagnostic/treatment services
         21-64 and referred to BC3NP with an abnormal screening Pap test OR clinical breast exam which requires breast/cervical diagnostic services

    Residency and Citizenship Status:

  • Current Michigan resident

  • Migrant worker

  • Women living near the border of a neighboring state (Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota) who plan to receive screening and diagnostic services in Michigan.

Personal and Family Health
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